School Programs

Spotlight Series

Winter 2024:

March-June, 2024: Moving Through History: Transportation in Kamloops

This exploration of our newest temporary exhibition invites students to consider the ways in which people have moved through Kamloops, both historically and in present day. Students will learn more about a dugout canoe, 1906 British Wolsely car, the railway lines, and paddle wheelers on the river as historic forms of transportation, and be asked to imagine what our transportation might look like in the future.

Primary, Intermediate, High School
$50 | 60-90 minutes | 30 students maximum

Highlight Tour

Highlight Tour

Let us lead your students on a guided tour where they'll delve into our rich history and uncover the significance of artifacts, people, and places. This tour is highly adaptable to suit your class's individual needs.

Primary, Intermediate, High School, University

$50 | 45-60 minutes | 30 students maximum

Take a Hike!

Take a Hike!

Designed especially for primary students, this program takes students on a guided tour through the Kamloops Museum with activity stops along the way. Students will handle moose scat, explore the dugout canoe as a mode of transportation, and examine fossils from the McAbee Fossil Bed.


$50 | 45 minutes | 30 students maximum

Taxidermy Challenge

Taxidermy Challenge

Spark your students’ curiosity and sense of wonder about the world, while being introduced to a museum setting. Students will make observations and inferences about local animals and their adaptations, learn about the history and process of taxidermy, and create a habitat for their favourite animal in the collection.

Primary, Intermediate
$60 | 60-75 minutes | 30 students maximum

Story Starter Workshop

Story Starter Workshop

Let the museum exhibitions and artifacts ignite your students’ imaginations and fuel the first step in their story writing process. With a storybook title (for elementary students) as the springboard, we’ll guide your students through the museum for their creative story inspiration. The last portion of your session will take place in our classroom and give students the time to write or draw their ideas for characters, setting, problem and solution on a planning sheet.

Along with sending you a visual slidedeck of the museum to remember the exhibits you saw, students’ planning sheets will be taken back to school for them so they’re able to individually or collaboratively create written, oral, or digital stories.

Primary, Intermediate, High School
$35| 30 students maximum

Archives Workshop + Museum Explorations (Currently Unavailable)

Archives Workshop + Museum Explorations

Please Note: This Program is Currently Unavailable until Further Notice.

Students will be actively guided through the research process all while learning about one of the first cars in the interior of BC. This important artifact exemplifies one technological revolution introduced in our area in the early 1900s and acts as the springboard to learn about primary sources, secondary sources, and archival research methods.

Teachers are asked to divide their class into two groups. While one group is participating in the 60 minute archival workshop, the other is provided with the opportunity to explore the KMA and a space for a snack or lunch. Classes who complete the workshop will earn their spot on the KMA Wall of Fame.

Intermediate, High School, University
$100 | 120 minutes | AM bookings only | Max 30

Art(egg)fact Challenge

Art(egg)fact Challenge

Test your students' powers of observation and design in this hands-on workshop that introduces students to museum practices, artifact handling, and careers in the museum world. Students will examine and document their art(egg)fact before packing it up for transport, then test the strength of their design with a drop from our second floor.

Upper Intermediate, High School

$75 | 60-90 minutes | 30 students maximum

Image Credit: Kelly Funk Photography