You Are Here

Two women are conversing. The woman in the foreground is facing away from the camera. The woman in the background is facing the camera and smiling,
Opening night. Photo: Kelly Funk Photography

Mapping the Future of Culture in Kamloops

You Are Here is a free space to share your vision for the cultural direction of the City of Kamloops. Inside, you can share your ideas in a guided research project led by the Researcher–in–Residence partnership; a joint initiative between Thompson Rivers University and the City of Kamloops. Centered on cultural mapping and featuring a range of ways to take part, You Are Here calls on you and your community to envision the next landscape of culture.

Maps and pieces of paper in the foreground on a table. Text on wall says 'What do you highlight?" in relation to an aerial map of Kamloops. A seated man is working on a laptop at the right of the photo.
Thompson Rivers University Research Assistants will work with visitors to create cultural maps of Kamloops. Photo: KMA
Two woman are placing red dots on a map of Kamloops in the center of the photo. The map is on the wall along with text on the left. 
The text says "What's Your Landmark? What would you identify as a Kamloops Landmark? Place a dot, or a label!"
Project space featuring two visitors placing dots on an aerial map of Kamloops. Photo: KMA