Mountain Bike Mecca

Yellow and gold image shows three mountain bikers riding calmly with low slung Kamloops mountains in the background
Photo: Dylan Sherrard, 2018

Mountain Bike Mecca is the current temporary exhibition on display at the KMA until June 10. It’s a show that is always in progress: we want YOU to come in and share your own experiences of mountain biking in Kamloops—some of the excellent parts of it, unforgettable memories, and some of the values and norms that shape it. There may be parts of it as a lifestyle that you embrace, and parts you think need to be questioned. We want all of it, from the legendary riders who have emerged from Kamloops, to people who always done it just for fun; as well as shop owner, workers, volunteers, landowners, parents, and other parts of the support networks and infrastructure that, as a whole, give rise to the continued existence of MTB here.

Mountain biking is an enormously important and popular part of the cultural landscape of Kamloops. Mountain Bike Mecca hopes to serve as a place and a means to collect a more comprehensive historical record of Kamloops Mountain Biking, first hand, from the people who make history by taking part in it.

Black and white image of a woman standing to the right of her bicycle. A wooden dwelling is in the midground and a low mountain is in the background.
Photo: KMA Archives photo #3596

Leave your mark by sharing your own story of mountain biking in Kamloops and help us begin a crowd sourced record of the history of this most important and most Kamloopsian of cultural phenomena.