Collective Memories: Japanese Canadian Reflections

Image: Jana Sasaki, Judo Club (detail) 2021, digital C-print on Dibond

This exhibition shares memories and reflections from the local Japanese Canadian community and explores broader issues of history and identity. Through the perspective of the Kamloops Japanese Canadian Association (KJCA) and its members, the memories and objects in this exhibition capture collective voices of the Japanese Canadian community. It recalls the history of early settlement in the Kamloops region, the internment of Canadian citizens of Japanese heritage during World War II, the fight for redress, and the establishment of a cultural legacy that lives on today.

With the help of artists, including Jana Sasaki, filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns, and Daizen Joinery, Collective Memories: Japanese Canadian Reflections brings together contemporary and historical perspectives on the Japanese Canadian experience, locally, and nationally.

Developed by Kamloops Art Gallery Assistant Curator, Craig Willms in collaboration with the Kamloops Japanese Canadian Association, Collective Memories: Japanese Canadian Reflections will be open to the public beginning September 25, 2021.